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Christ is Risen!
Dear Campers, Counselors and Families,
This year has been a very difficult year for everyone; for our camp community, our country, and beyond. It is our hope that all are healthy and have not personally been effected by the COVID19 crisis. In light of the current conditions, a consensus agreement was made to suspend St. Seraphim Camp for 2020.
This decision was made by camp board members and a camp advisory committee. It was very difficult and sad for all members of the meeting. Many of us have been participating in camp for over 20 years and along with the campers we have appreciated the friendships and comradery we have felt as we shared spiritual and camping experiences. We sincerely realize how difficult this is for all of you and your children. We share in your disappointment. We pray that the camping and church community we have provided and enjoyed over the years will rise up even stronger in 2021
Some of the potential and actual impediments that we considered when making this very difficult decision were:
~The projection of where the transmission and contraction rates of the virus will be in July and August.
~The CDC which has yet to issue guidance for camps and recommends looking into alternatives.
~The State of Pennsylvania which currently has no go ahead orders or guidance for camps in place.
~The size of our group being approximately 250 campers and volunteers, may not be allowed to gather as maintaining the recommended or mandated social distancing in tents and dining facilities cannot be easily accomplished.
~We rent the camp facility from the Boy Scouts and therefore their intentions and restrictions need to be taken into consideration.
~The inability of volunteers to project their availability and make a commitment toward the collective organization of the camp.
~The possibility of changes in 2020-2021 school return dates.
~The question of how many campers’ families and volunteers will feel that it is a reasonable and safe decision to attend camp and what protocols would be necessary to protect the safety and liability for all. 
In the end it has been very challenging to assess the feasibility and risks when the circumstances and general social and political climate on the issue of the COVID19 virus are changing day to day.
It is our hope that some of you will be able to host or participate in small gatherings and camping with your friends and others, once restrictions have been lifted. In this way we can all participate in the spirit of St. Seraphim Camp and honor St. Seraphim who has guided our camp and is commemorated on August 1. We are currently discussing opportunities for reaching out to and including all of you in some way this year. For those of you who attend parishes with multiple camp participants we may reach out through the parish as opposed to individually. If you know there are other campers or volunteers in your church, please let us know.
If you are interested in contact information for any of the participants in the camp, you may contact M. Cecelia Soloviev. If you would like to reach out to any of us, please do so. We pray for each of you, good health and peace and are thankful for your support and prayers.
The Administrative and Advisory committee members